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How We Helped A Children’s Clothing Company Increase Sales $439,363 In 2018 With Precise Digital Marketing




Little & Lively is a children's clothing line offering high-quality, stylish garments for your little darlings. Their goal is to create high-quality garments that are versatile, on-trend and that will make your friends jealous (or at least ask you where you got them)! Everything they offer is made locally in Abbotsford, their hometown.

Picked as one of the "Top ten baby brands in Canada" by CBC online



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Little & Lively is a long-time client of Mindful Marketing, and a lot of their success comes from the tried and true e-commerce marketing strategies we have implemented. 
We market to cold traffic through Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram, and then follow up with multiple retargeting campaigns based on previous user behaviour - whether or not they have been to the web store, purchased items or abandoned their cart, purchased 1 item or many items, etc.

Each customer is unique, and so multiple approaches are used to ensure maximum ROI.

Facebook And Instagram Paid Strategy

Make Paid Advertising Look Organic

When people come to Facebook they are there to connect with friends, read articles and maybe see some cute baby photos. That’s where we took advantage of the amazing product photography that Little & Lively has. At the top of the funnel (no product awareness) we run ads that will look natural in the newsfeed but also intrigue people to learn more about the brand.

Retarget All Website Visitors With The Brand Story

In this day and age people want to connect with the brands that they buy from which is why we filmed an “about us” video and retarget every website visitor for the first three days with that video.

Retarget Everyone Who Views Product Pages

The vast majority of people that come to your website will leave without taking any action. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in buying, just not right now. For Little & Lively we make sure to show relevant products with customer reviews to build trust.

Building The Facebook Messenger List

Email has always been a huge strategy (And will continue to be) for Little & Lively but in 2018 we helped them brave the new Facebook Messenger frontier. The results have been astounding! The open rates on messenger are close to 100% and the click through rates have been as high as 45%. This will continue to be a huge play throughout 2019 as well not only for abandon carts but also for sales and new product broadcasts.


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2018 was very successful Little & Lively and we can’t wait to see them grow further:

  • We increased sales by $439,363 in sales year over year

  • Overall ROAS of 5.85
    (Return On Ad Spend) Meaning for every $1, we generated $6.56

  • Overall sales of $1,099,213.34

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