Do you sell products online? Do you have a strategy in place to reach your customers? Your competitors do.

E-Commerce Statistics At A Glance

e-commerce stats.PNG

Yes - you’re reading the graph right.

2018 - $653,000,000,000 USD in online sales.

E-Commerce is growing…FAST. There are new online stores popping up every day, all vying for their piece of the pie, and for your attention. At this point, if you don’t have a strategy to get your products in front of your customers, your products will not sell.

This statistic depicts the retail sales of E-commerce worldwide in 2008 and 2013 and also provides a forecast for 2018. In 2018, global retail sales of E-commerce are expected to generate about 653 billion U.S. dollars.

Most Peoples’ Strategy:

If You Build It They Will Come

This is WRONG!

The fact is: The internet is such a big and competitive place that if you don’t have a predictable and proven way of getting the attention of the right people, your website is as good as a store at the very end of a back alley: a few stragglers will wander in (probably accidentally) but of the few that do, most likely zero will be buyers.


Our Approach


1. We link your product catalog to google and facebook 
Your product catalog will be directly integrated with both platforms to make it even easier for customers to purchase what they want.



2. We identify people in the different stages of the customer journey. 
Not everyone is ready to buy…yet. Based on previous behavior, we show them different content to ‘warm’ them up to a purchase.



3. We drive quality traffic to your site
Page viewers are nice, but page viewers with intent to buy are much better. We strive to send only customers who are ready to buy.



4. We put the right product in front of the right person. 
Everyone is different, and it is very important to treat them as the unique individual they are, using detailed interests, demographics, etc.



5. We give you measurable results
What good is marketing if you can’t tell if its working? We give you numbers. The cold hard facts. The exact return on your investment.



6. Your revenue increases and your business grows.
And as a result, you will be happy :)


Case Study - Little & Lively - Clothing



And 1,145 Units Sold In 4 Days


Little & Lively is a children's clothing line offering high-quality, stylish garments for your little darlings. Their goal is to create high-quality garments that are versatile, on-trend and that will make your friends jealous (or at least ask you where you got them)! Everything they offer is made locally in Abbotsford, their hometown.

Picked as one of the "Top ten baby brands in Canada" by CBC online





Little & Lively is a long-time client of Mindful Marketing, and a lot of their success comes from the tried and true e-commerce marketing strategies we have implemented. 
We market to cold traffic through Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram, and then follow up with multiple retargeting campaigns based on previous user behavior - whether or not they have been to the web store, purchased items or abandoned their cart, purchased 1 item or many items, etc.

Each customer is unique, and so multiple approaches are used to ensure maximum ROI.

This particular campaign was so successful because we use the above strategies to not only sell, but to build and maintain an email list of buying customers. It is incredibly effective!




This specific product launch campaign was very successful:

  • We drove $43,360 in sales, selling 1,145 units in 4 days

  • Overall ROAS of 6.56
    (Return On Ad Spend) Meaning for every $1, we generated $6.56

  • Online store conversion rate of 5.25%

  • Average Order $102.46

  • 5,863 unique site visitors

          All in just 4 days!



Its not magic….but there is definitely a science to doing it right and executing the strategy properly.
(But once it starts working, it definitely going to feel like magic!)
If you have an e-commerce store that is ready to go to the next level, get in touch!

Getting Results: The Numbers Don’t Lie

This is what we’re truly passionate about.


Luxury E-commerce Store #1 - Quick Strategy Overview


Marketing Channels Used, And Return On Ad Spend within a 6 month period

Google Search

Google Search

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting


May: 2.00
Nov: 11.86
↑ 493% increase



Luxury E-commerce Store #2 - Quick Strategy Overview


Marketing Channels Used, And Return On Ad Spend within a 6 month period

Google Search

Google Search

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting


May: 1.00
(Technically it was 0.02 ! )
Nov: 14.87
↑ 1387% increase


The fact is - If you are investing time and resources into E-commerce, you need to make sure you have a paid-traffic strategy in place to bring in predictable, paying customers. Schedule a 15 minute call with us to see what we could do for your store.