How we generated 732 leads in 2 months for a modular home company.

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They Had To Hire Another Salesperson!


THE CLIENT - Enkind Homes


Enkind Homes is a homebuilder who specializes in beautiful modular and tiny homes. Home prices vary, but obviously these are high ticket items (they're complete houses!) meaning it is imperative that we match the right message with the right market.

ENKIND HOMES INC. MISSION STATEMENT: To provide creative, affordable, high quality housing options for the purpose of increasing homeowner equity, and monthly cashflow through excellent customer service while giving back on a global scale.




Buying a home is a big decision that requires lots of thought, planning, resources, etc.
When we started working with Enkind Homes, they were a brand new business. This meant that we needed to educate the customer on the product, the company, and why they needed it. This process occurred quickly, and Enkind Homes ended up being overwhelmed with new business!

How did we generate all of the leads?

Well that’s a good question…

Anytime that we generate leads for clients we need to think about where those leads are hanging out. ie What platforms are they engaging on. Let’s talk about the first and probably the best source of lead generation today…

Facebook Ads For Generating quality leads

Let’s walk through the Facebook campaign. Below is the winning Facebook/Instagram ad.

Can you see how simple the ad copy is? I am just showing you a portion of this ad and that’s because we need to keep a few secrets here at Mindful Marketing!

lead generation agency canada

What type of targeting did you use?

The targeting is the most simple part of this whole equation but can’t be overlooked.

When we start to research a particular audience there are a few things that we keep in mind.

  1. Where are we targeting? Are we bound by any geographical borders? In this case we were bound by the Vancouver area.

  2. Who are we targeting? What do they like, what do they listen to, what magazines do they read? There are so many interests that you can target on Facebook and Instagram, but you really have to use your research skills. In this case we were attempting to reach homeowners who were eligible to place a modular building in their laneway. We stuck with home-owner interests.

What does a lead cost in this niche?

Ok, but what did all of these leads cost? Well… this audience was completely cold, they had never heard of Enkind Homes before.

You’d think that these people would cost a lot! Take a look at the image below. Yes, that’s $3.03 per lead to a completely cold audience.

What is even more impressive about these leads is that we got name, address and phone number from every single on of these!

Cheap leads on facebook | How to generate quality leads on Facebook

Diid we expect all of these leads? No, not at all! We assumed that our cost would be at least $20/per name/address/phone number but in this case we were wrong.

What about retargeting?

One thing that we made sure to take advantage of on Facebook is the amazing ability to re-target people who have been to the…

  1. Website, where we had installed the Facebook pixel to track all of the user activity.

  2. Abandoned a lead form. There is an option in lead ads to create audiences from or engage with our ads with out filling out the form. A large amount of leads came this way as well.

A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE... (Too many leads!)


After launching Enkind Homes' digital marketing, we acquired 749 leads in just 2 months with phone numbers and email addresses. This also resulted in a large amount of comments and engagement on Facebook, leading to added organic growth of their newfound client base.
Our marketing strategy resulted in so many leads that they needed to hire an additional salesperson just to keep up!



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