“I don’t have a Marketing Budget…help!”

Marketing can definitely seem scary…ominous…and….expensive!
Having worked with LOTS of small businesses (and being one ourselves) we TOTALLY understand that.
There could be a variety of reason of why you don’t have a marketing budget - and they’re all totally valid!
The problem is…marketing generates more revenue, which then pays for the marketing, which then generates….you guessed it: More Revenue!


everyone’s gotta start somewhere

We are here to help. If you are a DIYer (mad props) you likely want to try to learn this whole marketing thing for yourself.
Thats cool, but - in order to properly track very important metrics, such as RETURN ON AD SPEND
(how many dollars you get back for every marketing dollar you spend)
…you need to have numerous accounts set up, tracking codes installed, etc. It can be very daunting,
and if you don’t do it correctly, you’ll never properly measure what the money you’re spending on ads is actually DOING!

Like we said…

we’re here to help.

Even if you don’t have a marketing budget.
We’ve assembled a list below of absolutely crucial set-ups that we perform for all of our full-time clients.
We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to harness the incredible power of digital marketing.
If you could use our assistance with any of the items below, please drop us a line.


Ad Account Setup
Billing Setup
Delegate Page Access
Page creation and set-up
Pixel Code Creation and injection onto website(s)
1 Website remarketing audience

Google Ads
Ad Account Set-up
Billing Setup
Delegate Page Access
Account Location Setup
Conversion tracking set-up and code injection on website(s)

Google Analytics
Account Set-up
Goal/conversion setup and code injection on website(s)
—Track traffic & conversion sources

Google My Business
Account Set-up
—Google local listing setup - get found on Google Maps and start getting reviews

Full Service Account Set-Up


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