Does your company have a social media marketing strategy in place? 

If you don't, we can almost guarantee you that your competitors do; and they're taking your market share.

Hundreds Of Thousands of your customers are active on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram every day. This is your chance to engage with your target audience and convert existing buyers into social media brand ambassadors.

Interact with your customers and start turning cold prospects into repeat buyers and lifelong customers.


Question: Do you want to boost your visibility and sales on social channels? (hint... yes!)

Mindful Marketing Co is a full service social media marketing company with proven results, and expertise in getting a clear message that converts cold prospects into buyers (that means more customers and higher revenue for you).

Find out why Mindful Marketing Co is the right agency for the job.

4 Reasons to advertise on social media


1. More Opportunities to Convert Customers

99% of customers that come to your site don't convert (make a purchase or fill out a contact form etc.). Social media channels allow you to interact with and convert those customers that may have abandon the cart or simply forgot.  


2. Increased Brand Recognition  

Every opportunity you have to interact with customers and increase your visibility is valuable. Your social media networks are just new ways to communicate your brand’s voice and content. 


3. Improved Customer Insights

With the plethora of data that Facebook has on your customers, you are able to segment your content syndication lists based on topic and see which types of content generate the most interest—and then produce more of that type of content.


4. Better Search Engine Rankings

There are a couple of reasons why social media advertising can help your SEO

  1. Google, Bing and Yahoo may be calculating their rankings using social media presence and signals as a significant factor, because of the fact that powerful brands and companies almost always use social media. (and if they don't, they eventually will)
  2. Sharing Leads to Links …and links tend to lead to higher rankings

    Social sharing directly increases the visibility of a page's content. This increased visibility means that you become an authority in your space. This inevitably leads to to links from other websites referencing your content.

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We Create Social Media Campaigns That Generate Leads & Skyrocket Sales

Connecting with your target audience can be a difficult task.

Every business is unique. We find your ideal customer through comprehensive  social media campaigns  that are designed to target your audience on the most relevant platform for your business. 

Do you have trouble communicating with your customers?

Don't worry, we help craft messaging that appeals to your audience, builds brand awareness on all platforms, and guarantees your message is consistent across all platforms. 


What are you waiting for? Contact Us and stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work!